Deborah Ferrari: A Novelist Par Excellence

Deborah Ferrari is known to be a reputed novelist and a feminist writer who makes use of a unique style of writing novels. The subject of her novels includes varied themes ranging from realism, history, literature to social issues, contemporary psycho thriller, fictions, mystery, etc.
She is appreciated for her incredible style of narration, innovatory ideas and her command over language. She has the capability to engage readers to her novels. She has the caliber of playing with words and with her skill she has been able to deliver quite a few masterpieces.

She is a hardcore feminist and has the interest to address the social issues through her writings. With her vast stores of knowledge, technical skill and creative mind, she has been able to create a place in the hearts of millions of readers all over the world. Both critics and fans are very fond of her brilliant writing style.

Deborah Ferrari is also a philosopher, essayist and a commendable story teller apart from being a novelist. She always believed that “the pen is mightier than the sword” and thereby expressed her opinions and views related to the social status of women through her writings.

Her finesse, flair for writing and ingenious mind has earned her fans all around the globe who are very fond of her literary works and novels.


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