Deborah Ferrari: A Name to Reckon With in the IT Industry

Deborah Ferrari is a familiar Technical Project Manager who has worked with an array of IT firms as a senior manager. Being a business woman she emphasizes on the latest technology and the international market. With her technical expertise Deborah has been able to handle some of the popular projects of a well-known IT firm, with which she has been associated with quite some time.

She is known for her proficiency and punctuality to deliver projects within the expected time span. She is a commendable orator and has been invited in many conferences to express her views on the different aspects in the field of technology and science. She is blessed with the “gift of gab” and has the ability to convince the listeners with her views on Science and Technology.

She has delivered speeches in conferences held at different technological institutions all over the country where she has presented her views regarding the approach of a business due to changes in technology. Deborah is lauded for her distinctive style of presenting information and her opinions. She is regarded as a successful entrepreneur and has the technical know-how to handle all kinds of projects deftly. The in-depth knowledge, experience and talent of Deborah Ferrari have helped her to become one of the most successful business women in the IT field and she has secured a high position among the top 50 magnates of a year.


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