Be Food Smitten With Deborah Ferrari

Being a chef is not a cake walk. You need to have the right personality and love for cooking to attain success and become famous. Endurance and creativity are hallmark qualities seen in almost any top chef. Deborah Ferrari is on such American chef who made her mark in the world of food with her amazing talent and passion for cooking. For her, food is a life journey with different tales.

Learning years

Mothers and grandmothers are the first cooks with whom our food journey starts at a younger age. Deborah Ferrari has learned her basics from her grandmother. She later worked in many restaurants and improved her cooking skills. She professes her love for grandmother by incorporating her family recipes in her various restaurants which sure brings your nostalgic childhood back with food memories.

What makes good to best

Being a chef is not just a mere profession. It is more than that. Creating yummy food with a good presentation is an art. Deborah Ferrari knows her ground and always works on improving her creativity. You attain the best only when you have the right mix of cooking skills, passion, creativity and constant training in the kitchen. She is known to have created various classic dishes with a modern twist to them. It is a surprise to your taste buds when you savor her food. To reach the top position as a chef you need a commitment, almost a personal relationship with the food you create.


Deborah Ferrari is no ordinary chef. She is an entrepreneur who owns multiple restaurants all over the world. With love for a sweet tooth, she is a fine pastry chef who currently owns different bakery shops in her town.  Cookbooks are a way to pass on your culinary knowledge to the rest of the world. Deborah Ferrari has authored several cookbooks with good illustrations showcasing advanced cooking techniques. Apart from these, she has hosted many cookery shows to encourage budding cooks and imparted valuable culinary knowledge to them through her shows.
Deborah Ferrari is an inspiration to younger generations who made the gastronomic journey amazing.


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