The one who knows food – Deborah Ferrari Chef

One thing that everyone appreciates all over the world is good food; they say the people who cook well have magic in their hands. Professional chefs all over the world are gaining traction with their food and the art they create with their food. One such amazing artist is Deborah Ferrari – Chef who has been taking the industry by storm and loves experimenting with different ingredients.

Deborah Ferrari – Chef, learned the art of cooking from her grandmother as she spent most of her childhood baking pies and cookies for her. She is extremely popular in the industry and is known for her distinct style of cooking. Being associated with the industry for the past two years, she is extremely popular. Her popularity is because of her food and her focus on the ingredients – the texture, flavour, look etc. When it comes to food, apart from the taste and quality, one has to also think about creating something out of the box, it is Deborah Ferrari’s creativity and thinking with food that has made her reach amongst the top celebrity chefs in the world.

Her belief is that cooking is all about your passion for food and blending the right ingredients together, it is her beliefs that make her the owner of successful food chains across the globe. Deborah Ferrari – Chef also serves the some food from her family recipes at her restaurants, these dishes are prepared exactly as her grandmother had invented.

She took her passion for food very seriously and has completed her education in that field, she pursued her bachelors in tourism and hospitality from a recognized culinary school and later, she got her master’s degree in the same. Deborah is known for her ability to prepare some of the most difficult cuisines in the world and her fusions of two extremely opposite flavours.

She has been honoured with a lot of awards for her contribution to the culinary industry and has gained a position amongst the top 50 richest celebrity chefs in the country. Apart from being an amazing chef, she is a smart businesswoman which helps her manage her line of restaurants with extreme efficiency.


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